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Become a HRA Volunteer - It's Simple, Easy, and Fun!


Now that the 2022 Homestead Championship Rodeo is over; It's time to prepare for 2023! Yes you read that right- it takes an entire year of preparation from the volunteers at the Homestead Rodeo Association to put on this historic event. Volunteering is easy, simple, and fun. To become a volunteer we ask that you attend our monthly meetings, on the first Tuesday of every month, at 7pm. We also ask that volunteers get involved and help at volunteer work parties. These are scheduled by our arena director and are generally 8am-12pm on select Saturdays throughout the year, and then more frequent as we get closer. Our organization is small, but we deliver big results for an event we all love! The Homestead Rodeo Association is a family, and we always welcome anyone wanting to get involved, to join us.

For more info, or to be added to our monthly mailing list to get updates on upcoming meetings, locations, and work parties, please contact our secretary Ruta Andris, at:

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