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"Since 1949 the Homestead Rodeo has been put on by an all volunteer group. In 1952 this group formed the Homestead Rodeo Association. Over the years, it has continued to grow. Here we remember those cherished members who have left this world."


In 1989 the Homestead Rodeo Association dedicated a

memorial monument to the late John “Doc” W.  DeMilly. 

His bronze plaque tops off the monument and the four sides

below are affixed with the names of deceased members of the

HRA.  The monument stood the test of time through

Hurricane Andrew and  our harsh South Florida tropical

weather. In 2012 it started to show signs of deterioration.

Through a generous donation by Billy Walker and

Keystone Products Inc. our monument has been restored

and placed upon a custom mount at its new location inside

the rodeo grounds by the main entrance to the ticket office.

Take a moment to view restored monument and reflect while

you are enjoying the rodeo.  The Homestead Rodeo

Association proudly honors its deceased members.




HRA Deceased Members


John “Doc” W. DeMilly


George Skall


Dr. R.J. Elliott

Earl Gordon Sr.


Everett Douberley


Tom Hodson


John Hale


Roger Glenn


Norman Nails


Charlie Munz


Whitney Beam


Milton S. Fischer


Pat Rutherford


Joe Perkins


Jim Sharp


Ken Daugherty


Erle Bridges


Joe Mitchell


Hank Cutshall


Vernon Turner


Dick Edwards


Bob Fournier


Ed Branam


Sheldon Pivnik


Marcell Demers


Jack Helms


Earl “Sonny” Gordon


Sally Woods


Buster Tyre


Elliot Burch


Gordon “Grandpa” Jones


Brenda Dykes


Mike Cardullo


Sonny Wrabel

Tucker Townsend

William "Bill" Losner

Don Coppollo

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