Information for the 2022 Rodeo Parade coming soon.


Participants in the Rodeo Parade must register in advance, using the entry form available below. The deadline to enter the parade is TBA.

You will receive confirmation that your entry has been accepted. If you do not receive notification, please contact Parade Coordinator Jeff Pearce at 786-397-5976 or

The Rodeo Parade Committee reserves the right to decline any participant(s) from the parade.


Each rider or group must provide his/her own cleanup unit including a push broom. Any unit or group without a cleanup unit will not be allowed on the parade route.


Non-Profit Organization and Corporate (for-profit company) floats will be judged for prizes. The floats must have this year’s theme, “Krome it Up-Homestead Rodeo’s 71st Anniversary!” to be eligible. Informal community groups may enter floats, but are ineligible for prizes. Parade prizes will be awarded to First, Second and Third Place winning float entries in the Non-Profit category and First Place in the Corporate category. Judges will be made up of community members from the Homestead and Miami areas.


Only the top-judged band will receive a prize this year – so be prepared to impress! Bands must have at least 15 participants dressed in full band attire. Smaller bands may also enter the parade but are ineligible for the Battle of the Bands prize donation. Entering bands will be contacted with the competition details; band directors may contact Jeff Pearce in advance if desired.


All prize checks on floats will be made payable to the school or organization. The band donation will be payable to the school or band patrons organization only. NO CHECKS WILL BE PAYABLE TO INDIVIDUALS.


The Parade begins forming at 9:30 a.m. on Flagler Avenue and will travel north on Krome Avenue, East on Campbell Drive and back South on Flagler Avenue. As spots are filled, numbers will be assigned. Keep pace with the group in front of you. FLOATS MUST NOT STOP IN FRONT OF THE JUDGE’S GRANDSTAND. Any participant(s) stopping in front of judge’s grandstand to perform will be disqualified from prize money.* Your organization is responsible for all needs of your participants. The Rodeo Association does not furnish transportation or refreshments for this event.

*If Battle of the Bands does include a performance component. Those entrants will be contacted separately with the rules.